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UltraMaster Dethtris java source files

Special non-network edition.
Usually would contact the server and arrange all the server play and high-score ranking before, during and after game-play.

In this version, is simply a stub. It just simulates a single-player game start as soon as the applet loads.
There are two source files not included: and tcpnb.C/tcpnb.h. They are the low-level interface between the client and the server. These files are also not used with non-network play.

We did not include them for two reasons: We didn't want people to exploit any possible security flaws - which there are none of, so don't bother. And we developed these classes in part on company time, so we don't want to give them away free. They are a small part of it though, and you can see what they do by looking at the other source.

This source code is provided for educational use only. If you want to use any of this source directly, you must have permission from the UltraMaster group first. 14.6K (non-network)
The main program handles events, graphics, timing, options, but dosn't attempt to use as a Frame 14.6K (network only)
The main program, handles events, graphics, timing, options
tetrisd.C 19.4K (network only)
The C++ server deamon that talks to the java client ( The server is now non-forking and non-blocking. It just went through a major overhaul, so let us know if it's down. .4K (non-network)
The network client stub 17.1K (network only)
Here is the network class on the java side. It has new, improved hacker-proof(tm) authentication. Nobody goes in the high scores that dosn't deserve to be there. 6.3K
The pieces 4.6K
Holds the pieces, handles rotation, moves & plays life. 2.5K
The basic unit from which pieces are made 2.5K
all of the final static things that we use. 2.2K
The unit that we use to pass data between tetris and network 2.2K
A pithy graphics function 1.7K
The frame that displays the other games and scores
Total (with network): 80K